5 places you must visit in Kathmandu with your camera

I am a person who hates to repeat his mistakes consciously and although its not that I have not repeated my mistakes but trying to minimize the same makes me feel happy . When our trip for Kathmandu got finalized almost 45 days in advance I started doing my research on the place from a photographers perspective.

Thamel – A Shoppers Paradise

My trysts with Thamel occurred multiple times throughout the Nepal tour on different days at different times and if I speak from a photographers’ perspective at different light zones …

Swayambhunath – An afternoon spent

It was on our visit back from Pokhara that we headed towards Swayumbhunath temple on a bright warm sunny afternoon. Situated on the hilltop at western side of Kathmandu it’s around half an hour journey from Kamalpokhri the central part of Kathmandu.