Mango Chicken Salad with zesty coriander and chili dressing

As monsoon starts making inroads to Kolkata, its time to bod goodbye to the king of fruits and emperor of summer – Mangoes . This is the latest avatar in which mango appeared on our dining table on a sunday – Mango chicken salad with zesty coriander chili dressing . The recipe and story .

Chocolate Sandesh and Sweethandi

The evolution of chocolate sandesh in last 10 years and last 3 years in particular with Cadbury coming in to the picture, is noteworthy . Every year theme based new innovations have changed the sandesh and hence the mishti landscape of Kolkata . Read of two such innovations here –

Version 1.0 turns 3 – Peppa pig , George and dinosaur cake

It was our son’s 3rd birthday and version 1.0 requested for a Dinosaur Cake . Madhushree the super mom who can never say no to any challenge accepted it gleefully . I played the second fiddle . Madly march in office with financial year end made us have some sleepless nights to research and come up with this . Happy birthday Tugga

Afraa Lounge Kolkata presents – Wednesday Fairytale

How often do you get a chance to experiment with cocktails and make cocktails as per your choice . How often you get a chance to make a cocktail which is named after you ? Afraa Lounge kolkata is offering -Fairy tale wednesdays where you select your ingredients , make the cocktail and also name it as per your wish . Ladies and gentlemen the new two cocktails in town are – Analytic Anindya and Mad Madhushree – Wanna check them out ?

Cold Crab Salad in cucumber boats and my tryst with salads

Summer throws up real challenge in finding food which is summer savvy . All of sudden the normal comfort tasty foods also start tasting bland . In our quest to present summer delicacies – this time cold crab salad in Cucumber boats . This is not only healthy with the presence of bell peppers and cucumber but its tasty too with presence of the crab meat and mayonnaise . This summer this is a must have for all

Casa Kitchen Kolkata launches Summer Time Soiree

I was little apprehensive when I got invited for this review of Summer time Soiree for Casa Kitchen as its supposed to be completed vegetarian . I didnt regret the decision of going for this . Casa kitchen Kolkata launches its Summer time Soiree – with a sumptuous spread of Cold Salads and sandwiches . There are mocktails and cocktails keeping in mind the sultry summer . This summer if you wanna beat the heat then you must try out Casa Treat .

Whacky Waffles Kolkata – sinful indulgence

We had wonderful memories of Waffles when we visited Athens . Since then we always complained the lack of dedicated store of Waffles in Kolkata . Whacky waffles opens up in Lee Road Kolkata beside Brand factory . If you are around Forum after shopping or a movie this kiosk is a wonderful retreat for desserts .

Iced tea with lemongrass and ginger – the journey of thirst quenchers

When its scorching heat with high humidity and the universe seems getting roasted its worth to relook at some conventional drinks with some twist . Iced tea with lemongrass and ginger is one such option . The evergreen tea with strong flavours of Lemongrass and ginger with some ice cubes is an anytime drink during summers . When do you plan to have it ?

2 Mango Sandesh which cannot be missed this season in Kolkata

Every summer Mango starts ruling the kitchen and tantalizing the taste buds with desire . It becomes an inevitable part of life . Its not without a reason that its called the king of fruits . Sondesh ( cottage cheese based bengali sweet) is princess of Bengali desserts . What happens when the king of fruits meet the princess of dessert ? 2 Mango sondesh which you must try this season from Kolkata .

The Lalit Great Eastern Tea Lounge Kolkata

The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata has revamped its tea lounge and its surely going to become one of the most happening tea lounge in Kolkata. Some of the rarest and costliest blends of tea are available here along with a sumptuous high tea menu with a local touch . We tasted Silver needle one of the rarest and exclusive blend along with some rare varieties . The story .

Nepal in rubble – My thoughts

We share a strong emotional connection with Nepal . Its people, nature and history . On a fateful afternoon of 25th April 2015 the city is struck by an Earthquake which is worse in last 80 years . Next 2 days the city spends under open sky . Death toll keeps on ticking . History is ruined . My thoughts