The Lalit Great Eastern Tea Lounge Kolkata

The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata has revamped its tea lounge and its surely going to become one of the most happening tea lounge in Kolkata. Some of the rarest and costliest blends of tea are available here along with a sumptuous high tea menu with a local touch . We tasted Silver needle one of the rarest and exclusive blend along with some rare varieties . The story .

Nepal in rubble – My thoughts

We share a strong emotional connection with Nepal . Its people, nature and history . On a fateful afternoon of 25th April 2015 the city is struck by an Earthquake which is worse in last 80 years . Next 2 days the city spends under open sky . Death toll keeps on ticking . History is ruined . My thoughts

The Windmills of Mykonos

One just cannot miss the windmills in Mykonos . Now a major tourist attraction, these windmills were once a major contributor to the economy of the town and played a major functional role . The magnificent bright shinning white in the morning and the melancholic orange in the dusk only depicts the story of them . We witnessed both and realised the same .

Fever, random thoughts and Chicken nuggets in sweet and sour sauce

Is creativity at its best when someone is under fever ? Those random listless thoughts when the fever just sets in takes you to a different world . Recently while under fever, I dreamt that instead of the singing competition there is a blogging competition happening at Shoondi Kings court in Goopi Gayen Bagha Bayen – a cult childrens film by master film maker – Satyajit Ray . I woke up to this lovely Chicken Nuggets made by madhsuhree .

Poila Boishakh and a family recipe of Bhekti

What does the Bengali New year mean to you ? Is it another date in the calendar where, if you are in Kolkata, there may be a holiday, meeting relatives or friends , visiting Dakshineswar or Kalighat temple or something else? If outside Kolkata, would it be celebrating...

10 best sweet shops in kolkata – Part I

Identifying 10 best sweet shops in Kolkata is like searching needle in a hay stack . From the neighborhood to the century old legends each one is a star in itself . In the first part of this effort we try to explore some new and and some century old sweet shops in kolkata . Let us know which are your favourites

Rato Machhendranath festival Kathmandu

When we reached Durbar Square in Patan little did we know that we will witness an unique festival of worshipping rain god through a Chariot journey .Rato Machhendranath is considered as the reincarnation of the Lord Shiva by Hindus, while the Buddhists regard him as the Tantric reincarnation of Avalokiteshvara. A 300 year old temple at southern part of Durbar square Patan is where it all started .

Creme Caramel Kolkata – your neighbourhood cake shop

We often used to bypass this small little shop at Circus Row while on our way to office . One day we stopped to experiment and check out that shop . We realised that it was worth the experimentation . Creme Caramel is that cake shop in your neighbourhood which will grow on you ..

Sweethandi is delivered – Pikturenama is happy

Its a beginning for two friends . Its a beginning for a friendship over a decade . Sweethandi starts delivering Kolkata sweets across India and Pikturenama becomes the official blogger and food photographer . In the month of December

Explore the elements by Thomas Cook – Earth Water Fire and Air

Its rarely I participate in a competition but when the invitation comes from a fellow veteran blogger – thats an honour in itself . Thomas cook wants the bloggers and the photographers to explore the four basic elements in Universe – Earth, Fire, Water and Air . I searched through my pictures and travelled from Mt Alps in Switzerland to Phewa Lake in Pokahara Nepal with a stopover at Turkey and Greece . The choice was tough . However – here are my four options . Let me know how you like it