The Lalit Great Eastern Cake Mixing 2015

Durga Puja . Kali Puja / Diwali . Bhai Dooj / Bhai Phonta . It seems someone has switched on the invisible festival and celebration mode in Kolkata . As soon as the dhakis leave for their home, faint christmas bells and carols can be heard . Cake Mixing in my opinion is the official beginning of countdown for Christmas . We attended the Cake mixing ceremony at The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata

The morning after the wild night- capsicum butter cheese toast

This is a narration about a wild party with lots of memories which happened some years back . Preparing breakfast for the party gang next morning was always a challenge . Madhushree waved her magic wand and prepared Capsicum butter cheese toast . Read the story and recipe here

Why we blog and Recipe of Okra made with mango mustard sauce

We are almost there . Its nearing 100 posts and we are in nervous nineties like a batsman in a cricket match . We tried looking back towards all the recipes that we have put up and do a little bit of introspection. Most often we receive complains that we dont put up enough vegetarian posts or recipes . The reason for that and a recipe of Okra made with mango mustard sauce

Durga Puja 2015 – Bijaya Doshomi memories and Mutton Keema Chili

Some special dishes have so many memories attached to it . Keema Ghoogni at my uncles place is one such .. If the taste of the dish still lingers on my mouth the memories of my aunt who used to make it still brings smile on my face . We tried to relook at the traditional ghoogni with Mutton keema chili . My eternal keema ghoogni in a new look and some more memories to be created . Shubho Bijaya Dashami .

Durga Puja 2015 – Reasons and places to eat out in Kolkata

The biggest festival of Bengalis is also the biggest festival of foods . The debate remains is whether to eat out or cook at home . This season I try to find out the reasons of eating out in DurgaPuja and places to eat out in Kolkata . Happy DurgaPuja 2015

Spreading the smile with Vivel Pujo Love by ITC

In all the lights of hope and noises of celebration we tend to forget them . Those who are underprivileged and really need a hand to enjoy the festivities . Vivel by ITC is coming up with an initiative this year where Dev the superstar will accompany these children for a day long pandal hopping , good food and fun throughout the day .

Durga Puja 2015 – Nabami and grilled fish with red capsicum butter

How would the diary pages of a 35 year old working professional look like ? That too during the Pujas ? I stumbled upon one such where it speaks about friendship , family , the mother who is no longer there and Durga Puja . A recipe of Grilled fish for the big gala party on Nabami with his MBA batchmates

Durga Puja 2015 how many days more ? Pujo aschhe

A nostalgic trip down the memory lane as what actually defines the fact “Pujo Aschhe ? Yes we bengalees love to call it Pujo instead of Puja . A year long wait with promises to be kept and new promises to be made – Its this time of the year when all the sadness , grief , misunderstandings are kept away for 5 days . Yes the Durgapuja is knocking on the door …

Chef Saransh Goila – 10 unknown facts about him

The hands behind the food has attracted me equally as much as the good food they prepare . This meeting with Chef Saransh Goila was destined when he visited Kolkata for the launch of his book – India on my Plate . On a Sunday morning when we meet over tea – its a journey of a life time from a kid to a confused youth to a chef to a celebrity TV chef .. Join the journey here

Quiche Lorraine – our working evening snack

Our office is in such a place in Kolkata that when it comes to evening snacks we are spoilt with choices for deep fried and oily food . Its almost like committing a sin knowingly . We tried different options but ending up inevitably going back to the sinful tasty delicious food . One of the better options can be Quiche Lorraine .. check out the recipe here

Flirting with Fire

Since I started photography , I always wanted to do a theme based series . Fire is one of them . When large flames of fire burn there are so many shapes and forms which get formed . Is it the way we look at those flames or they have their own pattern ? I dont have an answer but I have pictures ..