Kashmir willow bat – The inside story

The third largest Industry in Kashmir is seeing hard days now. Although the number of cricket matches played across the globe has increased, the nation celebrates the annual cricketing extravaganza called IPL the Kashmir willow bat has a different story to share …

Khayam Chowk Srinagar – The Street food Gali

A city is defined by the local food and that one particular lane or gali where you get the local food freshly prepared. These food lanes are more than lanes they are like a place of assembly for the foodies, its a place to tickle the taste buds and also tourists delight to make an attempt to know the city through its food. When we reached Khayyam Chowk

German Bakery Pune revisit after 6 years

We were in Pune when German Bakery blast happened and since we left in 2011 and shifted base in 2012 everytime we passed this place it was haunting . When we visited Pune this time the first place we visited was German Bakery Pune and

5 Tea joints in Kolkata which you cannot afford to miss

Which one is your favourite tea stall in Kolkata ? Is it the tea stall at the corner of your residential area ? Or that busy masala especial tea maker outside your office ? We list the 5 tea joints in Kolkata which you cannot miss ..

Poila Baishakh – The Bengali New year

Poila Baishakh or the Bengali New Year is an occasion of food, get together, laughter and celebration. It also leaves behind some memories which one remembers for the lifetime. Be it childhood memory of all brothers and sisters together or the sumptuous lunch cooked by ma or the first thrill of catching a glimpse of that elusive woman or like in my case the first possession of a book by Satyajit Ray ..

Wall Street Bar Kolkata with the new menu

The Wall Street Bar kolkata has a new menu . Some innovative In house cocktails like the Wall Street classic, M Special Kafir tea are worth checking out. The Gastro pub has an impressive range of food which should not be missed and the star attractions are

Pahalgam – As evening sets in the small town

While travelling as there are tourist spots, there are moments which needs to be captured instantly and once gone they are gone forever. This late evening and onset of night in Pahalgam was one such

Mutton liver masala fry southern style and a slice of Park street

Park Street is famous for baptism of many a youth into the first drink. The food available is equally illustrious and if you are a frequenter in some of the joints then you get some out of the menu food specially for you, We were inspired by the Karjyam Vepudu which we had in one of the recent food festivals and while preparing that we realised

Linen from Turtle for semi formal look this summer

The first of its kind where we look at the Linen range of Turtle this summer for semi formal dressing. The summer along with humidity shouts for right choice of fibers and soothing colour shades. This range has both perfectly combined and worth checking out

Jodhpuri food festival at Novotel Kolkata

The food festivals are always a nice inclusion in the foodscape of the city. Novotel Kolkata is holding a Jodhpuri Food festival where handpicked dishes of Rajasthan are offered to the guests. While we were on our way for the food festival we

Ghats of Varanasi – Morning photography and some tips

It has been a privilege to experience the Ghats in Varanasi at different times of the day. After we experienced the ghats in the night we took a boat ride the next morning to have a rendezvous with the famous ghats . As we started our journey

I want to take my blog to the next level #Blogchatter

I always wanted to leave a note for my son as he is growing up. There are so many stories which I want him to listen to, so many words which I want to share with him. Of late I have realized that if not anything else this blog for him will b worth to read as he grows up . He turns 4 today and what better way to wish him a happy birthday. Happy birthday Tugga