Cooking up Culinary adventures by Jayabrato Chatterjee with chicken Jhaalfrezi

This is not a cook book. This is not a history book. This is a journey of a cuisine on a long road and getting influenced in turn and assimilating the best of both the worlds. Like any other community, we the Bengalis, take immense pride in our literature, culture, history and food too. This is a review of the recent release by noted author and film maker Jayabrato Chatterjee

Don’t touch my Ilish recipe please

There are two camps when it comes about views on Ilish. Conventional and adventurous. Ethnic and fusion. I belong to the old school where I plead that dont innovate Ilish to an extent to kill the basic flavour of the fish.

Bodega Cantina Y Bar Kolkata – The new hotspot

Bodega Cantina Y Bar is the new entrant in the food scene of Kolkata and its different . The top three criteria to make a restaurant successful in Kolkata doesn’t get a tick, yet we are hopeful and ecstatic about Bodega Cantina Y Bar. Keeping fingers crossed.

Know your chef – Chef Sonu Koithara Executive Chef Taj Bengal Kolkata

The people behind the food is always as interesting as the food they prepare to delight us. In our series of knowing the people behind the food – we present Chef Sonu Koithara, Executive chef Taj Bengal Kolkata. A journey into his life, his food philosophy and what Kolkata can expect from Taj Bengal in the coming days.