Tata Steel Kolkata Literary Meet – Kalkatta by Kunal Basu and Sharmila Tagore

Is it Calcutta? Is it Kolkata? or Kalkatta ? In the third day of Tata Steel Kolkata Literary Meet 2016 the discussion between Author Kunal Basu who has just released Kalkatta and the ever gracious and a true Calcuttan Sharmila Tagore moderated by Yajneseni Chakraborti tried to rediscover the city . Read the detailed story here

Tata Steel Kolkata Literary Meet – Her story of partition

Tata Steel Kolkata Literary Meet had a gripping session on day 2 -It was Partition through her eyes where eminent personalities with background of research in decolonization . A heart wrenching discussion opened up so many angles and scars too . Read the full story here

Novotel Kolkata is holding Lucknawi Food Festival

Its worth recommending . The Lucknawi food festival in Novotel Kolkata offers some rare handpicked dishes from Awadhi cuisine. Chef Abid Qureshi has come down from Lucknow with the curated menu and some special spices to make some yummy Awadhi food. Reasons why you should check out this festival.

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and 4 reindeer in my home

The beauty of baking is that more you get into it the more addictive it gets . Perhaps the last for the season – the carrot cake with cream cheese frosting was made on the christmas eve when 4 reindeer came to my home and Santa also came with loads of gifts for the kids .

The Blue House in Goa and my mirror image

While we were in Goa this house was calling out for the stories associated with it to be unraveled. I spent about 30 mins around the house and came back with more questions than the pictures. Introducing for the first time in blog my mirror image and its thoughts . Please read the poem and show some love and care

Eggless rich fruit cake and this magical season

The dry fruits had been soaked in Rum almost a month and half ago. In Kolkata, New Market is the area where one will find most of the baking items . We mention few of those stores here. The baking season continues at home with this egg less rich fruit cake .

Mexo Italiana food festival at Casa Kitchen Kolkata

Casa Kitchen kolkata has brought to the city a new food festival . Mexo Italiana is equally lucrative for Vegetarian as well as non vegetarian food lovers of the city . A carefully curated menu offers best of the dishes cooked with care and the same reflects in the taste also . Read the review here .

Sundays and baked chicken with basil and tomatoes

We have two contrasting pattern of Sundays . There are sundays which start on a bright note with excellent breakfast and then a sumptuous lunch with a basic healthy dinner . Then there are sundays which have working breakfast , basic lunch and by the time its evening we realize that we cannot let go the sunday just like that. This baked chicken with basil and tomatoes is just one of those dishes which lifts up the spirit and let us look forward to Mondays .

Finally winter is here – we start with mince pies

This is a winter tale or rather waiting for winter. A post which I had written couple of months back in anticipation that winter will come in soon, however it delayed. Those few days of winter in Kolkata brings a sparkle to Madhushree’s eyes and Tugga our son and her assistant jumps into action . We start with mince pies and many more to come . We also do a review of the new OTG by Borosil – Prima 19 L

My Kolkata – Amar Calcutta

I can never be tired of speaking about Kolkata . Someone for whom I have nurtured a crush which finally blossomed into a whirlwind crush . This is how I explain my lady love to Kolkata . Thanks for being in my life and making the otherwise black and white life full of colour .