Abcos Food plaza introduces the Sunday brunch

So, on a beautiful sunny (and somewhat cool) Sunday, we were on our way to Abcos Food Plaza for their brunch on an invite from Amrita. Anindya had been there before, but for me, I went with no expectation and an open mind. We were standing in front of a four story building with large golden decorated gate in an Oriental style. Thats Abcos Food Plaza. Each floor had a different name of a restaurant- O Calcutta, Kipling’s Klub, Pen & Ink and Dalhousie Celebration on roof top.

Varanasi Ganga Aarti in evening through my camera and photography tips

Its almost 2 years that I had visited Varanasi and these pictures were taken then. Yes there cannot be anything new that can be written about the evening Aarti in Varanasi or it can be? This is one of those spectacular ways of offering Puja to Ganga which attracts tourists from all across the world.

Christmas cake with almond paste frosting and my christmas memories

Just like any other festival the meaning of celebration changes over time. There has always been a point of time when we believed in Santa Claus and his gifts and then slowly with more books and knowledge things changed. This is a tale of two cities in West Bengal which celebrates Christmas and also the recipe of Christmas cake with Almond paste frosting