Varanasi Diaries IV – Ghats by the night

Varanasi ghats are worth exploring once and perhaps thousand times in the nights . A journey which started at 10 in the night went upto midnight and the memories stayed forever . Varanasi ghats in the nights – a photostory

Grilled prawns with guacamole and decade of togetherness with her

It has been a decade of togetherness . The ups and downs, the gains and losses, the moments of joy and the agonies of pains . Food was the common link and prawn was the missing link – however that also got solved with time . A story about us and a wonderful quick recipe of grilled prawns with Guacamole .

Rain Rain go away

When it rains endlessly its not always bad . There are so many memories attached with rain – rainy day in schools , colourful raincoats, sounds of pitter patter while going to sleep and waking up with a cloudy sky – whats your fondest memory of monsoon ?

ITC Sonar Kolkata says good morning with signature mornings breakfast

The local fresh produce incorporated into 4 main dishes forms the pillars of ITC signature morning breakfast . Cold press juices are added attraction at Pavilion Pure where unique interesting combinations of juices are available . This is in addition to the normal buffet spread – Why dont you check out ?

The Lalit Great Eastern Bakery – History and memories

I have frequented Waterloo Street on a daily basis for two years . The heritage building which was a distant representation of its past stood there with its lost glory . Heard from elders that the then Great Eastern Bakery used to be the best in the city and was a jewel in the crown . When we recently visited The Lalit Great Eastern Bakery – we were pleasantly surprised and happy as well .

A newly wed couple and Hilsa in yogurt and mustard sauce or Doi Ilish

The Hilsa and monsoon in Eastern part of the country is inseparable . This is the story of a newly wed couple connected by common thread of love and food, experiencing their first monsoon and Hilsa and also how Doi Ilish or Hilsa in Yogurt and mustard sauce got passed on to the daughter in law from Mother in Law

Peanut butter cookies – Tugga the baker .

A recipe inspired by Masterclass in Masterchef Australia season 6 , this is your Peanut butter cookies by Matt Preston . Our son joins the baking as he wishes to remain engaged and spend sometime with his mom

The Lalit Great Eastern Iftar dinner

When its Eid around you cannot simply cannot miss the Iftar spread . The festival has got some dishes , some flavours and some smells attached to it . The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata is offering Iftar dinner on every friday till 17th July – Here’s our account of how it turned out

Taj Gateway Kolkata presents – Hilsa Festival

When its monsoon it has to be hilsha or Ilish as popularly called in the Eastern part of the country . Taj Gateway Kolkata presents Hilsha festival – where handpicked dishes from West Bengal and Bangladesh with some continental variation made the lunch a memorable experience

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