Phewa Lake Pokhara – A guilty post

Phewa Lake in Pokhara Nepal is a major tourist attraction and a photographers delight. In this post we find out the reasons as we undertake a lazy afternoon boat ride. This was 2 years ago and hope nothing much has changed now there

Mharo Rajasthan festival by ITC Sonar Kolkata

  It's not quite often vegetarian food manages to surprise or even interest hard core non vegetarian eaters and it is not every day you will find a food festival happening in Kolkata which is completely vegetarian. With all the food festivals that take place in...

Poached fish inspired from Donna Hay and ways of destressing

This is one of the easiest fish recipes ever and the best part is, it is poached and hence, healthy. I have used pomfret in the recipe; however, one can always use any white fish fillet for making it. The recipe is inspired from Donna Hay’s lime and coconut poached fish. I have tweaked it to my taste as well as the ingredients easily available to me. – Madhushree

Dacres Lane Kolkata – memories of 2 years

My classes started at 8.30 AM . Address was 6 Waterloo Street . At that point of time I stayed in  Chandannagore so in order to attend the classes from 8.30 AM onwards I had to catch a train around 6.50 AM from Chandannagore. By the time I reached back home it used to...

Cooking up Culinary adventures by Jayabrato Chatterjee with chicken Jhaalfrezi

This is not a cook book. This is not a history book. This is a journey of a cuisine on a long road and getting influenced in turn and assimilating the best of both the worlds. Like any other community, we the Bengalis, take immense pride in our literature, culture, history and food too. This is a review of the recent release by noted author and film maker Jayabrato Chatterjee

Don’t touch my Ilish recipe please

There are two camps when it comes about views on Ilish. Conventional and adventurous. Ethnic and fusion. I belong to the old school where I plead that dont innovate Ilish to an extent to kill the basic flavour of the fish.

Asian Noodles festival at The Zen – The Park Hotels Kolkata

At times I wonder how many chowmein shops are there in Kolkata? Well, I possibly would lose count.They come in different shapes, sizes and colour and they are the favourite staple of Kolkata. But this post is not about chowmein. This is about 'Noodles', the big ethnic...

Ilish Paturi and that ritual which will never happen again

Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (do you know about him? I stumbled upon his life while doing the research for this fish) had once said - In the hands of an able cook, fish can become an inexhaustible source of perpetual delight."  One of the many reasons why Hilsa or...

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