Tea tasting with Goodricke tea

“Who would then deny that when I am sipping tea in my tearoom I am swallowing the whole universe with it and that this very moment of my lifting the bowl to my lips is eternity itself transcending time and space?” ― D.T. Suzuki, Zen and Japanese Culture Such is the... read more

Hazratbal – as we saw it

We caught it’s glimpse, as we were travelling alongside Dal Lake. This was the first day in Kashmir and we were out on a  day tour of Srinagar and surrounding areas. This felt like a long day, especially after a sumptuous wazwan (traditional Kashmir lunch) and... read more

Know your chef – Chef Sonu Koithara Executive Chef Taj Bengal Kolkata

The people behind the food is always as interesting as the food they prepare to delight us. In our series of knowing the people behind the food – we present Chef Sonu Koithara, Executive chef Taj Bengal Kolkata. A journey into his life, his food philosophy and what Kolkata can expect from Taj Bengal in the coming days.

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Rendezvous with Masterchef Australia judges

Not everyday you get a chance to meet the judges of Masterchef Australia up close!! A dream comes true moment for the both of us when we got this opportunity brought about by Brittania Chunkies. They shared their stories, they cheered with the frenzy crowd and they opened up their hearts in an unbelievable manner with the gorgeous Maria Goretti. This is definitely a cherished moment of our lives, one that we will always remember.

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Raspberry semifreddo and a story of desserts

This is a story of a couple and what role does dessert play in their lives. Raspberry semifreddo is a great frozen dessert to try out this summer . This was inspired by the autumn in Cardiff where Madhushree has spent some wonderful times.

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The small home bakery – Kashmir stories

At times the picture says a lot more than the words. One our way to Gulmarg from Pahalgam we came across this small home bakery . A family baking together and running the store embraced us the travellers as if we were a part of the family. Known as Kandoor, they bake these small breads for the village community

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The Gateway Hotel Kolkata – Raj Barir Khawa Dawa

After the wonderful Ilish or Hilsha festival The gateway hotel Kolkata presents Raj Barir Khawa Dawa or feast of the royal palaces of Bengal. An initiative which is worth praising, dishes worth devouring upon and if you are a foodie you must check this festival out

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Barcelos Kolkata – The new way to look at flame grilled chicken

There is a new place to eat in Kolkata. The Internationally famous chain Barcelos flame and griled chicken opens up in Kolkata at Acropolis Mall Kasba. Our prediction ? This place should run as its good food, value for money and a nice place to hangout. It offers some unique dishes and the innovative ways of presenting the food which will be a hit with guests.

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Bengali restaurants in Pune – Whats cooking there ?

There is a significant amount of Bengalis residing in Pune. We were one of them few years back. One of the exciting parts of the weekend was to explore new Bengali food joints or to take a shelter in the comfort zone of Oh Calcutta and its hospitality. We visited Pune after almost 4 years and realized that the bengali food scenario in the city is not what it deserves to be.

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Kashmir willow bat – The inside story

The third largest Industry in Kashmir is seeing hard days now. Although the number of cricket matches played across the globe has increased, the nation celebrates the annual cricketing extravaganza called IPL the Kashmir willow bat has a different story to share …

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Khayam Chowk Srinagar – The Street food Gali

A city is defined by the local food and that one particular lane or gali where you get the local food freshly prepared. These food lanes are more than lanes they are like a place of assembly for the foodies, its a place to tickle the taste buds and also tourists delight to make an attempt to know the city through its food. When we reached Khayyam Chowk

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